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Online Master of Social Work applicants can find insights, news, essential reading and articles written about expert faculty. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of clinical social work, potential career paths and the myriad ways that the VCU Social Work program’s graduates are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities.

A smiling social worker visits an older person in their home.
Social welfare policy ensures that members of a society can meet their most basic needs. Explore social welfare policy examples and social workers’ role in it.
A clinical social worker leads a group therapy session.
Demand for mental health services is growing. Explore the role of a clinical social worker and discover how they can help fill gaps in mental health care.
A group of people representing various ethnicities stand next to a smiling social worker.
The U.S. is a nation of immigrants, yet immigrating to the U.S. is a complex process rife with challenges. Many immigrants, including children and families, need safety, shelter, transportation and legal counsel as they resettle and build their new lives. An immigration social worker assists immigrants in accessing the resources they need to thrive and […]
A social worker meets with a soldier.
Explore the duties and career path of a military social worker, and learn how they can make a profound impact on the lives of soldiers and their families.
A social worker meets with a client seated in a wheelchair.
Are you seeking social work career advancement? Explore how education, licensing and certification can help you become the social work leader you aspire to be.
Protesters hold up signs reading “Climate change is real” and “Save the Earth.”
Research shows a connection between climate change and mental health issues. Discover how social workers are helping individuals and communities cope.
A person holds up a sign that reads “Hands off my reproductive rights!”
Reproductive justice requires the expansion and protection of reproductive rights. Discover what reproductive justice is and how social workers can promote it.
Diverse social work advocates celebrate at a park.
Social workers are instrumental in supporting the underserved and advancing human rights. Explore the impact of advocacy in social work throughout history.
A smiling social worker listens to a client.
A career change to social work can be an opportunity to find rewarding, fulfilling work across various career paths. Learn how an MSW can help you transition.
A forensic social worker shows a document on a clipboard to a client.
What is a forensic social worker, and what do they do? Explore the role of a forensic social worker in the criminal justice system and the steps to become one.