Infographic by Virginia Commonwealth University about the benefits of companion animals

The Benefits of Companion Animals for Managing Trauma

Emerging evidence is suggesting interactions with animals may benefit trauma survivors. View the infographic to explore the benefits of companion animals.

A smiling social worker shakes someone's hand.

How to Become a Social Worker

What does it take to launch a career in social work? Explore our step-by-step guide on how to become a social worker to learn more about social work careers.

M.S.W. student Polly Lund.

How Online M.S.W. Student Polly Lund Balances School and Family Life

Online Master of Social Work student Polly Lund, mother of six with a husband in the military, builds her career as a therapist through remote learning.

A senior with a worried expression resting their head on their hands.

Navigating Adult Protective Services in Virginia

What resources and support are available when dealing with elder abuse? Learn how to navigate adult protective services in Virginia to get the help you need.

A social worker runs a group therapy session.

How to Become a Substance Use Social Worker

Substance use social workers address a health crisis that affects millions. Find out more about the role and career path of addiction counselors.

A sad-looking person sits on a couch, leaning their chin on their hands.

Grief Counseling Techniques and Interventions in Social Work

Grief has affected many during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about grief counseling techniques and other ways social workers support people suffering a loss.

VCU SW news

Social Work Today: Addictions Advisor: How the Pandemic Is Affecting Those With Substance Use Disorders

Social workers – the largest group of behavioral health providers – can assist those in recovery from substance use who may be struggling during the pandemic, write Dr. Rebecca Gomez, an associate dean and faculty member at VCU, and her co-author. Social workers can validate the additional stress of clients, encourage them to utilize virtual peer supports, and look for early warning signs of new stressors while also encouraging healthy coping strategies.

A sad person sitting on a couch.

Domestic Violence in Virginia: Statistics and Resources

What resources are available to people dealing with domestic violence in Virginia? Learn about empowering support systems that can lead you to a life of safety.

A veteran in a military uniform receives a hug from their young child.

What Is a VA Social Worker? Understanding Veterans’ Needs

Whether arranging service member benefit payments, connecting homeless veterans with housing resources, or counseling veterans with injuries or trauma, VA social workers impact millions of veterans’ lives. Practicing in every medical and veteran center operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), their reach is exceptional. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), the VA’s health care program, is the largest integrated health care network in the country.

A social worker meets with a soldier.

What Does An Army Social Worker Do?

Army social workers serve as a lifeline for many enlisted men and women. Find out why their work is such an important part of supporting the armed forces.