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Online Master of Social Work Blog

Online Master of Social Work applicants can find insights, news, essential reading and articles written about expert faculty. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of clinical social work, potential career paths and the myriad ways that the VCU Social Work program’s graduates are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities.

A clinical social worker attentively listens to a client.
Professionals who want to advance their social work career or transition into the field should consider an online M.S.W. program. Learn how to make your VCU M.S.W. application stand out.
A clinical social worker leads a group therapy session.
An MSW can qualify you for clinical social work and many social leadership and advocacy roles. This article explains how to submit an MSW application that impresses admissions committees.
A social worker meets with a pair of clients in an office.
Explore the complexities of homelessness in America with key statistics. Learn the facts about homelessness, including its causes, effects and interventions.
A social worker talks with a client in a private office.
What is private practice social work? Learn all about the role of independent and group practitioners and the path to becoming a successful social worker.
A social worker with a clipboard talks to two parents and a child seated on a couch.
Strengthening families is one of the most effective ways for social workers to help their clients. Learn more about family-centered practice in social work.
A social worker collecting information from a client holding a child.
Examine the importance of a social work needs assessment, and learn the steps social workers follow to build community needs assessments that yield key data.
Dr. Qasarah Bey Spencer works with students in a classroom.
How does macro social work differ from micro social work? Learn from Dr. Qasarah Bey Spencer about changing social systems as well as individual lives.
Group watching man and woman talking in group counseling session.
Discover the benefits of earning social work credentials, and learn how these credentials can improve your social work resume and help you gain recognition.
A social worker holding a clipboard talks to a client seated on a chair.
Explore the intersection of social work and mental health in addressing gun violence trauma. Discover effective strategies for healing and community support.
A social worker smiling and meeting with clients.
Using a strength-based approach, social workers empower clients to deal with challenges in their lives. Explore the strength-based approach in social work.