A veteran participates in a group therapy session.

History of Mental Health Access for Veterans

How has mental health care for veterans changed over time? Explore the history of mental health access for veterans and current veteran support systems.

A couple sits on a couch and speaks with a health care social worker.

How to Become a Health Care Social Worker

Health care social workers provide vital support to various patient populations. Explore this career and find out how to become a health care social worker.

A social worker takes notes on a clipboard while meeting with a teenager.

How Social Workers Can Provide Solutions to Bullying

Social workers play an important role in combating school bullying. Discover what social workers can do to offer solutions to bullying in schools today.

A social and community service manager interviews a family.

What Does a Social and Community Service Manager Do?

Interested in learning what social and community service managers do? Explore the details of this rewarding and in-demand role and how to pursue the career.

A social worker counsels family members.

What Can You Do with a Master’s in Social Work?

What can you do with a master’s in social work? Explore the many career paths available, and learn how an M.S.W. can prepare you to embark on the journey.

A person holds a prescription bottle while having a telemental health appointment with a provider on a cellphone.

The Benefits of Telehealth Social Work

The rise of telehealth social work has changed the way social workers provide mental health care. Explore how becoming an LCSW can help you make an impact.

A group of community-based health educators stand at a kitchen counter preparing a healthy meal.

Community-based Approaches to Health Education and Promotion

How can community-based health education empower people to improve their wellness? Explore a VCU faculty member’s health education and promotion work in action.

A family with two young daughters laughs together while sitting on a couch.

The Role of Foster Care Social Workers in Promoting Child Welfare

How does a foster care social worker promote child welfare? Explore the role of foster care social workers and the effects of foster care on children.

A social worker surveys a community member.

Social Work Research Methods That Drive the Practice

What is social work research? Learn more about the data-driven research designs and social work research methods that drive modern policy and practice.

A social worker takes notes while speaking with a young girl.

How Social Workers Help Children with Behavioral Health Challenges

In social work, behavioral health outcomes for children often depend on early treatment. Explore children’s behavioral health and the role of social workers.