A sad person sitting on a couch.

Domestic Violence in Virginia: Statistics and Resources

What resources are available to people dealing with domestic violence in Virginia? Learn about empowering support systems that can lead you to a life of safety.

A veteran in a military uniform receives a hug from their young child.

What Is a VA Social Worker? Understanding Veterans’ Needs

Whether arranging service member benefit payments, connecting homeless veterans with housing resources, or counseling veterans with injuries or trauma, VA social workers impact millions of veterans’ lives. Practicing in every medical and veteran center operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), their reach is exceptional. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), the VA’s health care program, is the largest integrated health care network in the country.

A social worker meets with a soldier.

What Does An Army Social Worker Do?

Army social workers serve as a lifeline for many enlisted men and women. Find out why their work is such an important part of supporting the armed forces.

A Plus: How We Can Beat Food Insecurity

A Plus: How We Can Beat Food Insecurity

Dr. Basil Gooden of the VCU School of Social Work is part of an interdisciplinary team working to fight food insecurity, which is the lack of access to nutritious food that supports a healthy lifestyle. Poverty and housing insecurity are key causes of food insecurity, which affects between 10-11% of the U.S. population. “With lower-resource, lower-income communities, those numbers go up,” Gooden says.

Social Work Today: Caught in the Middle: The Plight of Crossover Youth

Social Work Today: Caught in the Middle: The Plight of Crossover Youth

Focusing on the intersection of youth who have spent time in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, Social Work Today magazine’s Winter 2021 cover story features the expert perspectives of VCU School of Social Work alumni Allison Gilbreath and Naomi Sutton Reddish. Gilbreath is policy and programs director at Voices for Virginia’s Children, and Reddish is coordinator of the school’s Child Welfare Stipend Program.

A young woman seated on a couch looks thoughtful as she listens to a therapist.

Understanding Evidence-Based Social Work

How does evidence-based social work deliver the best interventions? Explore how a Master of Social Work prepares social workers to use proven solutions.

A protestor in a group holds up a sign reading “justice.”

Empowerment Theory in Social Work

Empowerment theory social work challenges oppression. Explore how Virginia Commonwealth University’s M.S.W. program trains social workers to empower people.

A person holds a paintbrush and palette while sitting in front of an easel.

Art and Social Work: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Healing

How do art and social work help people heal? Explore how a master’s in social work prepares social workers to use art as a therapeutic tool for healing.

A social worker talks with a client.

Understanding Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work

How do professionals confront ethical dilemmas in social work while supporting human rights? To discover more, explore VCU’s Online Master of Social Work.

A social worker leads a group therapy session.

Trauma and Substance Abuse: How Social Workers Can Help

People experiencing substance abuse often have histories of trauma. Learn how social workers can help those struggling with trauma and substance abuse.