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Online Master of Social Work Blog

Online Master of Social Work applicants can find insights, news, essential reading and articles written about expert faculty. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of clinical social work, potential career paths and the myriad ways that the VCU Social Work program’s graduates are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities.

A social worker talks with a young client seated in a wheelchair.
A social worker for disability services supports and advocates for individuals with disabilities. Learn how to succeed in a career in disability services.
A social worker meets with a client in their office.
Social work is a dynamic and complex field, requiring the right portfolio of social work skills. Discover some of the essential skills and how to develop them.
Social worker in a virtual meeting.
Technology improves record keeping, management and communications in many fields. Discover tips and best practices for using technology in social work.
A crisis intervention specialist takes notes on a clipboard while listening to a client.
A crisis intervention specialist helps people who have experienced traumatic situations. Learn more about getting started in crisis intervention social work.
A community social worker holding a clipboard talks with a resident in a doorway.
What is the scope and purpose of community social work? Discover more about this important vocation and the ways in which it promotes community well-being.
A social worker provides one-on-one comfort to an older patient in a home setting.
Palliative care social workers support patients with terminal illnesses to increase their quality of life. Find out more about this important social work role.
Bedding on the floor of a homeless shelter.
VCU professor Maurice Gattis researches LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. Learn more about how academics use social work to support homeless youth.
A social worker in front of a white board conducts a job training session.
Formerly incarcerated individuals face numerous hurdles in reentering society. Discover the pivotal role social workers can play in reducing recidivism
A smiling baby in their parent’s lap is examined by a doctor.
Social workers are vital public health advocates, particularly in the areas of health education and promotion. Explore the role of social work in public health.
Schoolchildren write in notebooks in an Indian village.
How are the values and goals of social work applied on a global scale? Learn more about the importance of international social work and its main tenets.