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Online Master of Social Work Blog

Online Master of Social Work applicants can find insights, news, essential reading and articles written about expert faculty. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of clinical social work, potential career paths and the myriad ways that the VCU Social Work program’s graduates are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities.

At a meeting, a human resources manager shakes hands with a colleague across a conference table.
Social work is a rewarding career, but its transferable skills are also useful in other types of jobs. Explore alternative careers for social workers.
A couple seated side by side at a desk visits a social worker.
Social workers play an important role in helping people establish economic well-being. Explore what economic well-being is and how social workers assist.
A corporate social worker sits next to an employee and listens to them speak at a desk near an open laptop.
Companies are increasingly concerned with social responsibility. Discover how corporate social workers help businesses act more ethically and responsibly.
A domestic violence social worker takes notes during a meeting with three family members.
Domestic violence affects millions of people. Explore the role of domestic violence social workers and how they provide support, from counseling to advocacy.
A social worker takes notes on a clipboard while interviewing a smiling family of four.
Understanding a client’s relationships is critical for a social worker. Explore what an ecomap is, how to use ecomaps in social work and ecomap examples.
A social worker goes over a document with a client.
Case management and social work are both essential to providing effective social services. Explore the similarities and differences between these professions.
A smiling veterinarian talks with a person holding a dog on their lap.
Veterinary social work is a growing field. Learn how veterinary social workers help people cope with the loss of a pet and how they support veterinary staff.
A smiling social worker visits an older person in their home.
Social welfare policy ensures that members of a society can meet their most basic needs. Explore social welfare policy examples and social workers’ role in it.
A clinical social worker leads a group therapy session.
Demand for mental health services is growing. Explore the role of a clinical social worker and discover how they can help fill gaps in mental health care.
A group of people representing various ethnicities stand next to a smiling social worker.
The U.S. is a nation of immigrants, yet immigrating to the U.S. is a complex process rife with challenges. Many immigrants, including children and families, need safety, shelter, transportation and legal counsel as they resettle and build their new lives. An immigration social worker assists immigrants in accessing the resources they need to thrive and […]