Same-sex couple smiles and embraces on sunny day in city.

Social Work With the LGBTQIA+ Community: Supporting the Needs of a Diverse Population

Did you know 40% of homeless youths are LGBTQIA+, and 48% of transgender adults considered suicide last year? Learn how LGBTQIA+ social work is making a difference.

Two women, a social worker and a client, stand together smiling.

Why Cultural Competence in Social Work Is a Vital Skill

Why cultural competence in social work is a vital skill for social workers. Discover Virginia Commonwealth University’s Online Master of Social Work.

Why the nation should screen all students for trauma like California does

The Conversation: Why the nation should screen all students for trauma like California does

With the surgeon general of California pushing an unprecedented plan to implement universal screenings for childhood trauma for children in the state’s Medicaid program, VCU School of Social Work associate professor Dr. Sunny Shin sees a model for the nation. “If all the country’s children could undergo developmentally appropriate screenings for what we in the medical and social work communities call adverse childhood experiences,” he writes, “I suggest, based on my research, millions of tax dollars could be saved every year, premature deaths and diseases could be prevented and schools would be healthier, happier places for students and teachers.”

A palliative care professional works with a family to address the needs of a patient.

How Palliative Care Social Workers Support Patients With Terminal Illnesses

How does a palliative care social worker help the terminally ill? Explore how Virginia Commonwealth University’s Online M.S.W. prepares graduates to make a difference.

Social worker visits senior couple in their home.

How To Become a Social Worker in Health Care

Want to know how to become a social worker and improve the lives of patients and their families? Discover the healthcare environments M.S.W. graduates work in.

Social worker conducts a child evaluation.

From M.S.W. to LCSW: Understanding Your Career Path as a Social Worker

What’s the difference between an M.S.W. and LCSW? Learn how an M.S.W. degree can prepare you for a career as an LCSW who makes a direct impact on patients’ lives

The Actual Harms of Vaping

The Atlantic: The Actual Harms of Vaping

Dr. Sunny Shin, a VCU School of Social Work associate professor, says research indicates some young people are actually switching to cigarettes because they are scared of vaping. “This is a good moment to establish the regulatory structure for these vaping products that should have been in place since the beginning,” says Shin, an expert in substance abuse who studies tobacco use by youth.

Health care social worker counsels elder patient.

What Can You Do with a Master’s in Social Work?

Wondering, What can I do with a master's in social work? If you're curious about a master’s in social work, careers in the field and changing lives, read on.