Social Work Today: Caught in the Middle: The Plight of Crossover Youth

Social Work Today: Caught in the Middle: The Plight of Crossover Youth

Focusing on the intersection of youth who have spent time in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, Social Work Today magazine’s Winter 2021 cover story features the expert perspectives of VCU School of Social Work alumni Allison Gilbreath and Naomi Sutton Reddish. Gilbreath is policy and programs director at Voices for Virginia’s Children, and Reddish is coordinator of the school’s Child Welfare Stipend Program.

A young woman seated on a couch looks thoughtful as she listens to a therapist.

Understanding Evidence-Based Social Work

How does evidence-based social work deliver the best interventions? Explore how a Master of Social Work prepares social workers to use proven solutions.

A protestor in a group holds up a sign reading “justice.”

Empowerment Theory in Social Work

Empowerment theory social work challenges oppression. Explore how Virginia Commonwealth University’s M.S.W. program trains social workers to empower people.

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Scrubs Mag: What is Trauma-Informed Care? How Has COVID-19 Impacted It?

With COVID-19 creating a variety of new traumas or exacerbating existing traumas, associate professor Dr. Hyojin Im emphasizes the need for more care and supports that are trauma-sensitive.

A person holds a paintbrush and palette while sitting in front of an easel.

Art and Social Work: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Healing

How do art and social work help people heal? Explore how a master’s in social work prepares social workers to use art as a therapeutic tool for healing.

A social worker talks with a client.

Understanding Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work

How do professionals confront ethical dilemmas in social work while supporting human rights? To discover more, explore VCU’s Online Master of Social Work.

A social worker meets with a group of clients.

Trauma and Substance Use: How Social Workers Can Help

Social workers can help lessen the link between substance use and trauma. Explore the role of substance use social workers and how they help clients.

Shelter Not in Place: Solving the LGBTQ Homeless Epidemic

Edge Media Network: Shelter Not in Place: Solving the LGBTQ Homeless Epidemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates conditions for LGBTQ youth who are homeless, proposed solutions often fall short, according to Dr. Maurice Gattis, VCU School of Social Work associate professor. “I think more shelters and affordable housing will be created, but it likely won't be enough and there is still no agreed-upon definition of affordable housing. … Public housing is currently being demolished in cities across America without being replaced, which decreases the affordable housing stock.”

A social worker discusses challenges with a client while sitting at a table.

What Is Compassion Fatigue in Social Work?

Explore how you can help prevent compassion fatigue in social work and pursue your Online Master of Social Work degree at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Dallas Voice: Easing anxiety in LGBTQ youth

Dr. Maurice Gattis, VCU School of Social Work associate professor, addresses how the pandemic, politics and social movements are affecting LGBTQ+ youth. “Youth are leading the way in shaping the current political climate. The calls for equality, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights and climate justice all have strong youth involvement and leadership.”